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Tooth ExtractionHave you been diagnosed with gum disease? You’re not alone.

Millions of Americans have some form of gum disease. It is a major cause of tooth loss.

If you require treatment for gum disease, Dr Wilhite can find a solution to meet your specific needs. He uses treatments such as antibiotic therapy, scaling, and root planing. Dr. Wilhite will work to restore and protect as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

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Gum Disease

More than half of all American adults have some form of gum disease, also known as periodontal disease. Early and moderate periodontal disease has subtle symptoms.

However, symptoms of advanced gum disease include perpetual bad breath, tender or bleeding gums, swollen or red gums, painful chewing, loose teeth, sensitive teeth and gums, and permanent teeth that are separating or shifting. Periodontal disease is a major cause of tooth loss in adults.


Stages of Gum Disease

Periodontal GingivitisGingivitis:

Gingivitis is the earliest stage of gum disease. Excess plaque buildup leads to inflammation of the gums. Gums become sore or bleed when brushed.


During this stage, the gum infection begins to damage bone and supporting mouth tissues. You may notice your gums separating from your teeth, spaces between your teeth, or a receding gum line.

Advanced PeriodontitisAdvanced Periodontitis:

This is the most advanced form of gum disease. Your gums will recede, showing the root of the tooth. In addition, bone will continue to deteriorate, leading to tooth loss, or loosened teeth. Pus may develop and you may experience other infections and pain.

Treatment for Gum Disease

Periodontal Disease Prevention

The primary goal of gum disease treatment is to prevent tooth loss.

Dr. Wilhite understands the importance of keeping as much healthy, natural tooth structure as possible. He uses treatments such as antibiotic therapy, scaling, and root planing.

Antiobiotic therapy can control the infection and pain, and assist healing. You may also be prescribed an antibiotic mouth rinse or an antibiotic medicine applied directly to the infected areas.

Scaling and root planning help remove tartar deposits on your teeth and root surfaces, which combats plaque formation and gum disease. This procedure allows you gum tissue to heal.

How much does Gum Disease Treatment cost?

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