Teeth Whitening

Do you have discolored, stained or just “dull” teeth? Do you want an attractive smile that gets you noticed at a big event or just in everyday life?

Then ZOOM! Teeth Whitening in Plano, Texas by Dr. Wilhite is perfect for you.

Philips Zoom! Teeth WhiteningZOOM! Teeth Whitening is safe, effective and fast… VERY fast! In just over an hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter. Since Zoom! Teeth Whitening only takes about an hour, it’s ideal for anyone looking for immediate results.

The convenience of Zoom! (in comparison to days of wearing teeth whitening trays and gradual tooth whitening) makes it the perfect choice for busy people.


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Before and After

Zoom! Teeth Whitening - Before and After
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How ZOOM! Teeth Whitening Works

The Zoom! Advanced Power Teeth Whitening procedure is simple and painless. It begins with a short preparation to isolate your lips and gums. Then the proprietary gel is applied and is activated by a specially designed light.

Teeth typically become five to eight shades whiter, and sometimes more. A fluoride treatment completes the procedure. You will be amazed at the results! In most cases, your teeth will get even whiter the first few days after the procedure.

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What are the Costs of ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

Contact us today to set up your consultation. We can discuss your goals and options for teeth whitening.

We can also talk about affordable financing and dental insurance options to make sure you get the dental care you need.

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