Teeth Brushing and FlossingAny parent knows it can be a struggle to get our kids to brush and floss regularly. It takes a lot of time to teach proper technique but this set them on a lifelong path to oral health. Follow these simple tips to teach your child how to keep mouth healthy and smile sparkling.

1. Make It Fun!

Teeth brushing and flossing can be a bit boring. Turn the time into a game or storytelling. Play a song during their oral hygiene routine or teach them to count their teeth.

2. Positive Reinforcement

Remember to praise your kids! They will be excited you noticed and are proud of them.

3. Flossing Charts

This coincides with positive reinforcement. A flossing chart with stickers and incentives will encourage kids to maintain their flossing routine. They can see their progress and remain motivated.

4. Kids Only Tools

Kids will take pride in their brushing efforts even more when they have their own dedicated tools. It’s difficult for kids to wrap floss around their fingers, so try getting them individual flossing sticks. They are easy to hold and use and make flossing more fun. When they’re done, they can just throw it away!

5. Be The Example

Show your kids how important brushing and flossing are by being a positive role model. If they see you taking good care of your mouth and following an oral hygiene routine, they will be even more likely to succeed.

These simple steps should help young children follow a healthy oral hygiene routine!