In this post, we discuss the full mouth reconstruction process from initial consultation through to the final procedures necessary to completely rebuild your smile.

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In first discussing full mouth rehabilitation, it needs to be understood that this is an expensive and time-consuming treatment.

When completed I have had the happiest, most satisfied patients in the practice.

It is life changing for my patients. We are essentially restoring every tooth in the mouth.


Full Mouth Reconstruction Process


Plano Dentist David WilhiteInterview and Examination

Full mouth reconstruction, as with any major dental procedure, begins with the patient interview.

The dentist must find out what the patients’ goals for their mouth are.

The next step is a complete examination with a full set of x-rays, complete charting of the patient’s teeth and gums, evaluation of the patient’s jaw joint and their bite, and a complete set of intraoral and extraoral photographs.

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Impressions and Models of Teeth

This is usually followed by impressions for upper and lower models of the teeth. Tooth Extraction

These models are used to analyze the bite and determine what adjustments are necessary to balance the bite so that there are equal and even contact on all of the teeth.

The planning of the restorations is done in wax on the plaster models for optimum function and esthetics. Impressions are taken of these models for the fabrication of temporary restorations on the teeth.

Then we meet again with the patient to show them the condition of their teeth on models, x-rays, and photos. The patient is able to see what their mouth and bite will look like when the treatment is completed.

With the patient’s participation, we then decide what treatment will be performed. Sometimes orthodontics is necessary before any restorations are done.


Dental Lab Visit

Dental Lab Making ImplantsIf the patient is truly interested in moving forward with this treatment, I schedule a trip to the lab that will be working with me.

It is important for me that the patient see the lab, meet the lab technician, and understand the process that goes into creating the desired results.

Getting the exceptional results that I get comes from a true partnership with my lab technician. I feel this can set the treatments I deliver apart from treatments other dentists offer.


Initial Treatments

David Wilhite Plano DentistBefore any restorations are initiated, the teeth and gums must be free of any disease.

Any gum disease must be treated, extractions of any hopeless teeth performed, root canal therapy completed, and any fillings done, as necessary.

The patient will then test out these provisional restorations for several weeks. Adjustments are made on the provisionals until the patient is satisfied with the way they feel and look.


Dental Implants

If any dental implants are needed, they will be placed during this phase of the treatment.

Implants usually require a 3-6 month healing and stabilization period.

Once stability is attained, the teeth are prepared a section at a time for the final restorations.

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I hope this gives you an overview of the full mouth restoration process. Schedule your consultation for more details or answers to your questions.


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