Kids Brushing Teeth
Do your kids hate brushing their teeth? If it takes a lot of prodding on your end to get them to scrub their teeth clean, try a few new tricks and tips. Learn how to get kids to brush teeth below!

7 Top Ideas On How To Get Kids To Brush Teeth

1. Let them pick out their own toothbrush or toothpaste. Studies show that even adults brush more often when using a brush they prefer. Getting your kids excited to brush can be an uphill battle but fun toothbrushes can motivate them.

2. Start a rewards chart. Set up a sticker chart and let them pick out a sticker to put on a chart every day that they brush. If they reach 30 days of stickers in a row, they earn a reward. It could be more stickers, a small toy, or anything that may motivate your child.

3. Lead by example. Kids love to play follow the leader, and what better way to inspire than by brushing your own teeth at the same time? Kids are more likely to follow behaviors that they see so showing them that you also brush your teeth will help normalize the activity.

4. Use positive reinforcement. Give your kids a compliment when they remember to clean their teeth. Let them know you’re proud of their nice, clean teeth. They may be inspired to brush more.

5. Play a song. Find a fun song to play for 2 minutes and have them brush their teeth until the song is over. Let your kids choose the song for even more motivation. They’ll get excited to hear the fun song every time they brush.

6. Explain what happens to their teeth. Some kids like to hear the reasoning behind what is expected of them. Let them know, in a way they can understand, that their teeth need to be clean to prevent cavities, bad breath, and gum disease.

7. Use technology. Find a tooth-brushing app, a youtube video about teeth (Adventures of Timmy the Tooth is a fun throwback), or try an interactive toothbrush like Kolibree’s Rabbids Invasion. Making a game of cleaning teeth can be more fun.

Any of these tricks can help you kids learn to brush their teeth on their own. The key is to create repetition in behavior and soon they’ll brush without being asked. Happy brushing!