For many people the way their teeth fit together causes stress on the jaw muscles and joints. Numerous other people grind or clench their teeth. Regardless of the reason, a poor bite or frequent grinding or clenching can cause serious damage and pain to teeth, jawbone and the muscles and joints that control the jaw. Many people with these problems suffer from headaches, head and neck muscle pain as well as ear pain, including popping and clicking noises near the ear when they open or close the mouth.

These bite problems result in the jaw muscles never getting a chance to rest. They are overworked, fatigued and go into spasm. Some people can wear their teeth right down to the gum line, some will experience loose teeth, and some will have pain in or near the ear and possibly radiating over the head and neck. The muscles need a chance to rest. A new device, known as an NTI-tss, can provide rest for the muscles and thus alleviate all these symptoms. It is quicker to fabricate than previous appliances used for these problems, and it has been shown to give more complete relief. It is so effective that the FDA has approved it for reduction of pain for migraine headache sufferers. It is custom fitted to your upper front teeth, and provides a flat surface for your lower front teeth to rest on, in whatever position is comfortable for your jaw muscles. It also helps break the cycle of grinding or clenching, which other appliances used in the past did not do.

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