Orthodontic Mouth Guards

Imagine losing your front teeth. It would change how you breathe, eat, smile. You would have to endure several time consuming and costly dental procedures to fix it. This is why it is critical you wear a custom fit mouth guard when participating in contact sports.

There are many reasons a custom fit mouth guard is better than stock.

  • A custom fit mouth guard will better protect your teeth and mouth since it is designed especially for you.


  • The American Dental Association and the Academy for Sports Dentistry both recommend a properly fitted custom mouth guard for all contact and collision sports.


  • Custom mouth guards typically last longer than stock or boil and bite mouth guards 5 to 1 times.


  • Custom mouth guards are easier to breathe with since they are designed for oxygen flow. This is helpful for athletes since endurance and communication is not limited.


  • Custom mouth guards protect braces, bridgework and other costly dental work.


  • Stock mouth and boil and bite guards make it more difficult to talk.


  • Stock mouth guards can be uncomfortable.


  • Stock and boil and bite mouth guards do not last as long since they can be chewed through more quickly.


  • Over 5 million teeth are knocked out each year and the lifetime cost to replace one tooth is approximately $20,000