Valentine's Day Candy Tips

We know that everybody loves getting some sweets on Valentine’s Day. A little chocolate from your sweetie never hurts, or does it? Are some candies worse than others?

Here are a few things to help you with your candy intake on the big day:

Hard candy is worse for your kids. Not all candies are created or consumed equally. Not only is hard candy almost entirely sugar, it is likely to remain in a kid’s mouth for a longer period of time. It’s basically giving your kid’s teeth a 30 minute sugar bath. Try to avoid!

Chocolate is better. It may seem strange, but if we’re talking about levels of danger to your teeth, chocolate is not the worst candy. It doesn’t stick to your teeth the way chewy treats do. And if you love chocolate, it has less sugar in it than milk chocolate.

Eat your candy right before or after a meal. It’s much better than popping candy in your mouth all day long. Enjoy your sweets as a post-dinner dessert, and your mouth saliva will be active and rinse it away faster.and then brush your teeth afterward.

Give flowers! Everybody loves flowers. Skip the candy altogether and spend extra on some perfect flower arrangements.