Worst Foods for your Teeth

Plano Pediatric DentistryWe all know that the food we put into our bodies effects are health. Healthy food gives you a healthy body and will give you a healthy mind.

It’s no different for the health of your teeth. Some foods are just not good for your teeth and should be consumed in moderation because of this.

You may not want to eliminate any of these things from your diet, and that’s okay. We want you to be aware of the foods that could cause the most damage to your teeth so you can make educated decisions and limit your exposure to them.

Worst foods for your teeth

Hard candy – This is a candy that you’re likely to have in your mouth for a long time, dissolving slowly and saturating your mouth with sugar for an extended period of time. This gives the sugar and any bacteria more time to do damage. Some hard candies are flavored with citric acid, which is also bad for your teeth. And just like ice cubes, you shouldn’t bite on hard candy because it could weaken or crack your teeth.

Chewy candy – Chewy candies like taffy, caramels, or juju fruits will stick to your teeth for a long time. This allows bacteria in your mouth to feast on the deposited sugar for an extended time. Bacteria burns sugar to make acid, which dissolves the protective layer of your tooth enamel and causes cavities.

Citrus fruitsCitrus fruits – Citrus fruits can contain many vitamins that are good for your overall heath, but not necessarily good for your teeth. The reason is because they are highly acidic, which is bad for your teeth. Grapefruit and lemon juice, in particular, contain the most citric acid and can cause the most damage.

Pickles – This is another food that can be high in acid. Its high acid content (from the vinegar) can damage your teeth. Eating pickles more than once a day can increase tooth enamel decay.

Crackers – Crackers can contain refined carbohydrates, which convert to sugar in the mouth very quickly, providing a food source for cavity-forming bacteria. They also become mushy and sticky when chewed, sticking to your teeth and mouth for longer periods of time.

BreadBread – Just like crackers, bread contains carbohydrates that will turn into sugar in your mouth. It also sticks to your teeth and in between them.

Dried fruits
– They could be a healthy snack choice, but they are stick and chewy and will remain in your mouth and stick between your teeth. They will leave a sugary residue stuck to your teeth.

Potato chips – Almost everybody loves potato chips, but they are full of starch, which becomes sugar that gets trapped in your teeth and feeds the bacteria that causes plaque.

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How to protect your teeth from bad foods

We understand that you probably won’t be eliminating all these foods from your diet. Most of these foods that are bad for your teeth are very tasty and popular.

brushing teeth for kidsWhat you should though is to take care of your teeth after you consume them.

Brush your teeth after eating them. Ideally, you should floss too. If you are not in a place where you can brush, give your mouth a thorough rinse with water after you eat them. Getting as much of the residue out of your mouth after you’ve eaten these foods will help get the sugary bits left behind in your mouth off of your teeth.

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