Pediatric Bonding Plano, TX

Did your child end up with a chipped tooth or teeth after falling on the playground or playing around with a friend? Do you worry your child may have a cavity or two since he loves sweets more than he likes to brush his teeth? Parents wondering about dental pediatric bonding for their children should rest assured. The procedure is simple, safe, and applicable for people of all ages. Dr. Wilhite will happily assess whether the treatment is right for your child.

Pediatric BondingCommon uses for pediatric bonding include:

  • Filling cavities
  • Repairing chipped, cracked or broken teeth
  • Closing unwanted spaces or gaps between your child’s teeth

Pediatric Bonding Benefits

One such benefit of pediatric bonding is that it fills cavities using composite-resin material that is matched to the color of the patient’s teeth.

The procedure is fast and simple, meaning your child won’t need to sit still for very long.

Any cosmetic flaw in your child’s smile or gap between teeth will be corrected in a flawless and camouflaged way, meaning the defect will be unnoticeable after the treatment!

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