Full Mouth Restorations

Full Mouth Restoration Plano TX with David Wilhite

Patient radiating confidence with Dr. Wilhite showing off her completely rebuilt new smile.

Get a beautiful smile with restorative dentistry in Plano, TX from David Wilhite!

Full mouth reconstruction is a life changing experience for our patients.

When completed, we have had the happiest, most satisfied patients in the practice. We are essentially restoring every tooth in the mouth.

Dr. Wilhite has successfully performed this proceedure hundreds of times and is highly experienced in measuring and working with your unique smile, teeth, and bite.

The correct evaluation of your bite is crucial to ensure a positive outcome. If this is done incorrectly by an inexperienced dentist, you can easily waste thousands of dollars and months of procedures to an incorrect measurement of your bite.

When you choose Dr. Wilhite for your full mouth restoration, you work with a dentist who has over three decades of experience with this proceedure. He has continued his learning and ongoing training throughout his career.

Let your smile shine again with a full mouth restoration.

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What is a Full Mouth Restoration?

Full Mouth Restorations

In first discussing full mouth rehabilitation, it needs to be understood that this is an expensive and time consuming treatment.  We are essentially restoring every tooth in the mouth.

Full mouth rehabilitation, as with any major dental procedure, begins with the patient interview. The dentist must find out what the patients’ goals for their mouth are.

The next step is a complete examination with a full set of x-rays, complete charting of the patient’s teeth and gums, evaluation of the patient’s jaw joint and their bite, and a complete set of intraoral and extraoral photographs. This is usually followed by impressions for upper and lower models of the teeth

A full mouth restoration is a cosmetic procedure that can change your life. It is used when all or most of your teeth need to be restored to their original shape and whiteness.

After your mouth restoration, you will have a bright, youthful smile that inspires new confidence. Your bite will be corrected, which remedies your chewing and speaking ability. And finally your teeth will be protected from future damage, sensitivity, and pain.

We offer a variety of different mouth restoration procedures that can give you a brand new, sparkling smile.

  • Crowns: Porcelain crowns, inlays & onlays are made to cover your current teeth and improve appearance.
  • Dental implants: Implants are a painless way to replace missing teeth. Dental implants are completely natural looking and feeling.
  • Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers are a quick way to repair imperfect smiles in just two appointments, leaving stunning teeth as a result.
  • Zoom! Teeth Whitening: This convenient procedure takes only and hour and leaves teeth five to eight shades whiter.



Trust your smile restoration to an experienced dentist

Smile Restoration Plano TX with David Wilhite

Dr. Wilhite has been inducted as a Fellow in the American College of Dentists (ACD) and as a Fellow in the International College of Dentists (ICD).

These fellowships reflects his involvement, achievements, and leadership in the dental profession and community.

He was awarded the Lifetime Learning & Service Recognition (LLSR) in March 2016, based upon achieving several markers including specific hours of continuing education as well as extensive charitable contribution in dentistry.

Less than 1% of dentists have reached this level of recognition.

When you trust your smile to Dr. Wilhite, you are trusting your smile reconstruction to one of the top dentists not only in Texas, but in the nation.

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Full mouth reconstruction testimonial

Susan testimonial smile restoration dr wilhite“In September 2018, due to a lifelong grinding of my teeth, (usually at night), Dr. David Wilhite recommended a complete repositioning of my bite.

While it was certainly not something I looked forward to, had Dr. Wilhte not noticed how dramatically I had worn down my lower teeth, they would have soon been beyond repair.

A treatment plan was developed, meticulously explained, and I was encouraged to ask any and all questions throughout the entire process.

While I did not look forward to the prospect of months of dental work, I very quickly learned that Dr. Wilhite’s personal dedication to his patients is extraordinary.

I could count on an evening phone call from him just to make sure I was not having any problems after an intensive session.

This attention to detail extends to his entire staff. I cannot say enough about the helpfulness and friendliness of his office staff. I live over an hour away from the office and they’ve always gone above and beyond to accommodate my schedule (as well as the traffic situation!)

His assistant, Dorothy, always made sure I was comfortable, whether it be physical or mental. I felt like she memorized my chart and anticipated everything I needed. I’ll stop short of saying I came to enjoy my appointments, but thanks to the way Dr. Wilhite operates his practice, I never dreaded them.

I am absolutely thrilled with the end result and am grateful more serious problems were averted.

I would certainly recommend Dr. Wilhite and I cannot thank him or his staff enough.”

– Susan Chesnut


full mouth reconstruction plano txFull mouth restoration process

In the post linked below, we discuss the full mouth reconstruction process from initial consultation through to the final procedures necessary to completely rebuild your smile.

READ MORE – Full Mouth Restoration Process – Before and After

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A life changing procedure

When a full mouth restoration procedure is completed, we have patients that radiate happiness and confidence. It has literally been a life changing experience for them.

A beautiful smile is the key to your confidence. Your smile helps you connect to others and convey your feelings. Flashing your pearly whites always makes a good first impression.

However, when your smile is less than perfect, you can lose confidence in yourself.

Yellow, chipped, cracked, missing, and damaged teeth cause you to smile less. Additionally, they can cause pain, sensitivity, and impair your chewing or speaking ability. Lastly, damaged teeth age your appearance.

A new smile will change all of that for you. It will change your life, every single day, with ever person you meet, with every smile you make.



Dr. Wilhite on Full Mouth Restoration

Dr. David WilhiteI frequently see patients in my practice whose teeth are so worn down by grinding or so decimated by decay and gum disease that restoring all of their teeth is the only option.

The full mouth restoration is a very complex procedure. It is not merely putting crowns on all the teeth. All of the causes of the patient’s dental problems must first be determined prior to any restorative treatment.

If the cause or causes of the problem are not first determined, then those same causes may doom any treatment to failure.

Patients are frequently upset when they are informed that the dental work that was recently done at another dental office must now be redone because either the diagnosis or treatment was incorrect.

This level of care can only be provided by a very experienced dentist who has taken a lot of continuing education courses on this subject.

A full mouth reconstruction can include bite adjustment, crowns, root canals, implant crowns, and implant supported dentures. All of these require a comprehensive examination and extensive treatment planning in order to provide long-term service for each individual patient.


What are the Costs of a Full Mouth Restoration?

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